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Running Gear

The American running gear fitted to Airstreams includes electric brakes, which can be modified to work with UK vehicles but are not fully compliant with UK and EU regulations. They are also fitted with imperial sized couplings.

We recommend replacing axles, hubs and couplings with new units to UK and EU regulations. We can supply and fit custom built replacement torsion beam axle assemblies which include new hubs fitted with Knott overrun brake systems. The system is completed with a new coupling fitted to the draw bar complete with jockey wheel and handbrake.

[picture of new axle]

Chassis Repairs

The steel chassis of an airstream is protected by the aluminium underbelly skin but can rust out due to water leaks. The exposed draw bars and rear chassis members are also vulnerable. We can repair damage and repaint throughout to completely restore the chassis. Where damage is severe, all or part of the chassis can be replaced with a newly fabricated sections.

Rear Chassis Replacement 68 Overlander 2

New rear chassis section being fitted

Skin Repairs

The airstream shell is constructed like an aircraft with an aluminium frame of ribs and strigers onto which and external and internal aluminium skin is fixed by rivets. We can repair external skin damage and water leaks. We can also completely replace the aluminium inner skins which can be painted or polished. Removing the inner skin gives the opportunity to replace and upgrade the insulation.

New inner panel temporarly held with shin pins.

New inner panel temporarly held with shin pins.

Floor Repairs

Damaged floors can be repaired or completely replaced with new waterproof plywood. Underfloor insulation can also be renewed.

New insulation and Phelonic Plywood floor

New insulation and Phelonic Plywood floor


All airstreams can be polished to a brilliant shine, however pre 1970 airstreams used a higher grade of  aluminium which can be polished to a superior mirror finish. As part of a renovation we can polish your airstream from tip to tail to your requirements.

First stage of a mirror finish polish

First stage of a mirror finish polish

Interior Remodelling

From original cabinet modifications to a complete refit, we specialise in building cabinetwork, beds and seating to give you a unique and beautiful interior.

Original cabinetwork can be modified in order to accommodate new appliances, additional seating, or modifications to the layout. The original materials are used and finishes replicated to give result with appear completely original.

Complete refits allow us to explore new materials, designs and layouts which compliment the unique style of an airstream. We specialise in the use of exotic veneers and curved cabinet work. See [veneers] for some examples.

Other materials, including resins and painted finishes can be used, especially in areas such as bathrooms, to compliment the timber and aluminium.

All interior cabinetwork is designed to be strong yet lightweight, so that the overall performance and weight limits of your airstream are not compromised.

Sweet Chestnut and Walnut Burr Cabinetwork

Sweet Chestnut and Walnut Burr Cabinetwork


We can upholster existing or new furnishings in fabric, vinyl or leather to add a further dimension to your bespoke interior.

Front seating area which can be converted to a double bed

Front seating area which can be converted to a double bed

Lighting and Electrical

It is possible to modify the original US electrical system to work in the UK. This will usually require new batteries, charger and 240v wiring and fittings. Existing lamp fittings can be modified and fitted with highly efficient LED modules to provide modern efficiency and performance.

New, complete systems can be designed around the latest available technology. LED technology allows for discrete, high performance lighting which can be creative and dramatic. With the addition of a solar panel and/or wind turbine the electrical systems can operate completely ‘off-grid’ with no electrical hook-up for long periods.

Central Electrical System Control panel

Central Electrical System Control panel

Audio,Video and Data Systems

The following systems can be integrated into your airstream to suit your requirements.
Audio systems including ipod dock
Digital terrestrial or satellite TV systems
3G and 4G data modem
WIFI repeater and local WIFI network
Mobile office LAN

Gas, Heating and Water Systems

Modern heating and water systems have levels of performance similar to the domestic systems we are used to at home. These systems can be integrated into existing or new designs to provide high levels of comfort all year round. There are a wide range of cooking appliances to suit each design.

Adle central heating system

Adle central heating system

Conversions for Commercial or Other Applications

Due to their rarity and value we don’t recommend hatch cut-outs into pre 1970’s Airstreams. However, Airstreams make beautiful mobile office spaces, editing suites, recording studios and workspaces. We can design, tailor and install conversions to meet your Businesses needs. Our fabricators can undertake all the structural and chassis modifications and strengthening work required to convert an airstream for  commercial or promotional work. We can fit bespoke cabinets, desks, stainless steel counters, stages and platforms. We design and install electrical, gas, water and even hydraulic systems to your exact requirements. Airstreams come in many different sizes and styles – we can source the perfect model to be restored and converted to your needs.

An airstream makes the perfect promotional vehicle – eye catching, cool and funky and with our thorough restoration will be long lasting and hold its value.

If you have a requirement for a commercial conversion or any other application, please contact us to discuss.